Monday, 29 April 2013

Finding a topic

Getting stuck on a topic of fascination may be common to ASD individuals, but that doesn't mean the communicative partner needs to be stuck too.  I find structuring exploration of topics as early as possible can be a great way of satisfying the intellectual curiousity of many ASD individuals while preventing long-term obsessive topics in conversation.  One way of doing this is by using cards that promote a "scavenger hunt" for information on the web.  I use Professor Noggin cards which are sold to cover a number of great topics, such as "wonders of the world" and "safari animals".  The child can pick a card and (depending on their level) either search the web for an image of the item pictured on one side of the card (e.g., zebra) or search for an answer for one of the questions written on the back of the card (e.g., where do zebra's live?).  Then the conversational partner can stimulate interest and conversation on that topic.


Welcome to my blog on understanding ASD.  I hope to share insights into autism I receive by working with families throughout the Maritimes in Canada.